My Favorite Pair of Shoes

I might have been holding out on you guys a bit when I said I'm in grungy clothes and Crocs every day. That statement rings true about 95% of the time, but the other five percent (aka when I absolutely must dress up), things get a little more glam. My favorite pair of shoes to slip on in the rare event that I have somewhere to be are these studded platform sandals from Michael Kors.

I can't stand uncomfortable, blistery shoes and walking in heels is always a challenge for me, but these wedges don't put my feet on a sharp, sloping angle, reducing the likelihood that my clumsiness will land me butt first on the hard ground. I don't need any extra help with that, believe me!

I love that this flat form type of design doesn't detract from the shoe's stylishness - actually, the unique platform was one major reason why I was drawn to the pair across a busy department store floor. The traditional cork like material chosen to cover the bottom half of the shoe complements the gold hardware and black leather, balancing out the edgier aspects of the design in a way that makes them easier to wear. They work just as well with skirts and dresses as they do with more casual black fabric pants, so even if the rest of my body isn't dressed to impress, these shoes add extra flair to my outfit. I haven't had issues with wear and tear on these wedges and think that they'll last a long time.

What's your favorite pair of shoes in your closet? Let me know in the comments section below - thanks for reading! 

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