My Favorite Makeup Multitasker: Mac Fascinating Eye Kohl

With all of my beauty bits still sitting in the suitcase that I used to transport them from my family's old house to our new one and no other storage solutions available for them, I've found it quite difficult to access the myriad of products that I'd use on a daily basis. I've been working with an edited selection of products from my travel makeup bag and one of my favorite multitasking eyeliners, Mac's Fascinating Eye Kohl, has come to my rescue over and over again, helping me to create the illusion of a good night's sleep.

This eyeliner is my one stop shop for highlighting all of the areas around my eyes that need some perking up. I use this pencil to cancel redness in my waterline, brighten my inner corner, and lift my brow bone area. No brushes needed - this eyeliner is creamy enough to be blended out with my fingers in the inner corner of each eye and underneath my brow bones. I've had no problems with the wear of this eyeliner, although I can't say that I'd notice if this formula was prone to smudging because of the color. What I do know is that for my purposes, this lasts well enough on the waterline, tear duct, and on the skin below the brow bone that I haven't noticed a difference between the way it looks when I apply it and the way it looks by the end of the day.

The best thing about having a white, matte eyeliner like this on hand is that I don't have to mess around with brushes and powder highlighting products and have a separate liner that I only use on my waterline. The time and space in a travel makeup bag that's saved may seem insignificant to some, but it's these small makeup swaps that make the difference between finishing my makeup in five minutes or fifteen.

What are your favorite multitasking makeup products? Let me know in the comments section below - thanks for reading!

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