My Crocs Obsession (Why I Don't Do Fashion Posts)

Whether I'm popping out to the store, going to school, or just walking my dogs out in the yard, the pair of shoes that I'd most likely be sporting are my brightly colored Crocs. I wear quite neutral clothes on a daily basis (T-shirts and soft, black pants are basically my uniform), so my highlighter yellow and electric blue pairs are great for 'spicing up' my outfits. For a bit of detail and personality, I add one or two Disney charms to my favorite, most worn pairs. Durable, easy to clean, breathable and extremely comfortable to wear, I couldn't ask for a better pair of shoes. Well, maybe I could ask for a pair that my friends and family would approve of me wearing with them while we're in public. I say my kicks make me easily recognizable in a crowd and definitely make me stand out... whether that's a positive or a negative, I can't quite work out. And it might be nice if I weren't one of only a handful of people still wearing this style of shoe. If my dogs didn't confuse them with their rubber chew toys, that would also be great... 

Does this explain why I don't do fashion posts? 

I think so!

Let me know in the comments section below if you have a bit of an unfashionable guilty pleasure piece like this that your friends and family loathe.
Thanks for reading this slightly different post - let me know if you'd like to hear more about my wardrobe (Or lack thereof... really, I think I have more T-shirts and black pants than anything else!) in the future!

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