As a hoarder collector of beauty products, you never really realize how much makeup and skincare items you have until you're forced to pack them all up and transport them. I didn't want to put things that had the highest chance of melting or shattering on a hot truck in boxes, so I knew that my lipsticks, eye shadows, and skincare in glass jars were coming with me to our hotel. The more that I thought about how the rest of my products would fare if they were thrown around, the less excited I was to pack them all up in a box and hope that they didn't get damaged. The only alternative I could think of was packing it all in a suitcase (and going a little Ziploc bag happy) and hauling it with me. My sister and I both felt that we'd packed like heiresses - we both had three suitcases each, and I honestly wonder what it looked like when we came traipsing into the hotel lobby!

Sorry to anyone who expected a post from me these past few days, although I'm sure that's not the case as I'm not on a regular posting schedule anyway (I know, I'm a very bad blogger).

Now that I've reconnected to the Internet and have somewhere to sit other than on the stairs or the floor, I will be coming at you with some new posts and reviews of those beauty products that I showed you in my Europe haul.

Thanks for bearing with me, for reading, and following! 

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