Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Case Review

If I haven't mentioned it on my blog yet, I do the makeup for my school's drama productions. For the last show that I did, one of the characters needed to have a silver face and neck. Since we didn't have a face paint on hand and I'd been looking for an excuse to pick up the Flash Palette from Make Up For Ever for ages, I went to Sephora and purchased it. Beyond being a lifesaver during shows (as the cream products can be used as eye bases, lipsticks, blushes, contour colors and highlights), having this palette on hand means that I'm able to mix my own custom eye bases.
Although colorless primers like Urban Decay Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance are great for making eyeshadow more vibrant and long lasting, I always find that using white or colored bases under eyeshadow gets me the best pigmentation out of my shadows, especially when creating colorful looks. Instead of purchasing a one stop shop like this Make Up For Ever palette, I would try to purchase corresponding cream bases for the shadows that I used most often. I thought that at $99, this product was too expensive and geared at pros rather than meant for personal use. Once I purchased it, though, I realized how convenient this product was to have on hand not only for creating theatrical makeup but also for use in my own bedroom while experimenting with my eye makeup.

If you're wondering how well this cream product sets and lasts, it survived a two hour long show under hot lights on someone's whole face after being set with powder. It works just as well on my oily eyelids after being set - I've never had my eyeshadow look that freshly applied after several hours of wear. If you want to see the palette in action, you can find an Eye of the Day that I did a while back here.

The one gripe that I have with this palette is that the metallic colors are pretty sheer. As I was trying to cover someone's whole face with the silver shade, that quality presented me with a bit of a challenge. I ended up layering a silver eyeshadow over top of the cream to give it a more dimensional, rich look. It ended up working out for the best - being forced to use more than one product to get the color intensity that I was looking for added to the overall 'tin can' effect that was required for the character. As for my own personal use, though, I would've liked the metallic shades to be striking and pigmented - if the metallic shades are the reason why you're buying this palette, I would look elsewhere if the lack of opacity bothers you.

I think that this palette challenges me to be creative with color theory and adds to all of the colorful, fun eyeshadow looks that I like to do.

Are you interested in buying this palette or do you have it in your collection already? What are your favorite cream products? Let me know in the comments section below, and thanks for reading!

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