Mac Brush Cleanser Review

If I can manage to procrastinate in the face of important deadlines (projects, papers, and sadly, blog posts), I can definitely find a way to talk myself out of completing simple tasks. One of those jobs that falls straight to the bottom of the pile every time is deep cleaning my brushes. Although my laziness could lead to muddied eye makeup - I mean, applying a brown shade to my lids with that shader brush I used for bright purple last week? What could possibly go wrong? - I have Mac's Brush Cleanser to thank for saving me from walking out of the house with some seriously botched looks.
Before I took the plunge and purchased a real brush cleaner for all of those times when I only noticed that all of my brushes were dirty immediately before I needed to use them, I would try to clean them with a makeup removing wipe. While this worked well enough when I rubbed my brushes around on the wipe hard enough, it didn't do great things for the brush bristles. If you've ever purchased high quality brushes, you'll know how expensive outfitting yourself with all of the essential tools can be. I did not want to misshape any of my brushes, high end or drugstore, all because I didn't want to spend a little bit of extra money to buy a brush cleaner (...and I also didn't want to start deep cleaning my brushes regularly, but we won't discuss that...).

I haven't tried a lot of other brush cleansers (in fact, I've only tried one other - a budget option, and I wasn't as impressed), so I can't tell you that you absolutely need to invest in this one. However, I will say that this one does the job quickly and thoroughly - my brushes smell, look, and best of all, feel clean. It's not that soft, fluffy, just-been-deep-cleaned experience when I use them after cleaning them with this, but it's the closest I've ever gotten without all of the effort and drying time. I haven't noticed any damage to the brushes since I've tried it, and as you can probably tell by the tone of this post, I use it loads. 

The bottom line for me is that I'll always be open to cheaper suggestions, but this one works and it's the one I have on hand - I don't really enjoy buying these types of products because they serve a utilitarian purpose (I mean, have you ever seen a beauty junkie come home and haul ten different brush cleansers excitedly and describe their different qualities? Actually, I might watch that for a laugh if it existed!). I would recommend it because it does what it says it will, is a fairly good value at $15 considering the small amount that I use each time, and I would probably spend more time and money trying to find a less expensive alternative when I can just go out and purchase this one when mine runs out.

Have you tried this brush cleanser or any others? Do you like to deep clean your brushes often, or do you prefer quicker alternatives like this in between washes?
Let me know in the comments section below, and thanks for reading (I'm so tired that I actually wrote watching the first time around... maybe it's a sign that I should be making videos!).

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