Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Gel Eyeliner Review

Before I discovered the liquid eyeliner pen from Stila that I could use without creating unsightly black smudges all over my eye area, black gel eyeliner was the only product that I reached for when I wanted to line my upper lash line. Mac Black Track Fluidline reigned until I misplaced it one day and decided that I wasn't going to spend $16 to replace it. A gel eyeliner from Maybelline took its place, but never filled its shoes - I ended up with dark black smudges under my eyes not from lack of skill (this time), but from dreaded transferring. Determined to fix the problem once and for all, I splurged on Tarte's Amazonian Clay Waterproof Gel Eyeliner, spending more than I would have on the Fluidline in the first place... but I've never looked back since, and here's why. 

Although the fact that it takes me months to even make a significant dent in my gel eyeliner has kept me from repurchasing Mac's Fluidline, there are a few other reasons why I prefer this one over Mac's offering. The pigmentation of this Tarte eyeliner is good - I only need to lightly dab the product onto my brush to have enough for a full eye application. Even though I go through my gel eyeliners slowly already, the pigmentation of this product will ensure that I'll have it for a long time.

Another feature of this eyeliner that I appreciate is its waterproof formula. Most other eyeliners that aren't water resistant in nature smudge on a hot summer day, but not this one. After this eyeliner dries down, it isn't going anywhere, even if you sweat the rest of your makeup off.

The higher price point of this eyeliner means that a handy little extra is included - a double sided eyeliner brush. Normally these free brushes are flimsy and break easily (Urban Decay eyeshadow brush from the Naked palette - I'm looking at you), but this one has been used (and abused) and is still kicking. Although it's just a standard eyeliner brush, it's the little things, you know?

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