The Best Brush I've Ever Used

I have the kind of hair that cannot be brushed through after I've gotten out of the shower with a normal hair brush because it's so tangled. Moisture masks, hair oils, and leave in treatments do help, but I still can't get any old brush from the drug store to work without much effort, pain, and lost hair. I was thinking that I was going to have to invest in the expensive boar bristle brushes that girls with thick hair rave about, or look to Space.N.K for a Tangle Teaser. I wasn't against shelling out more than twenty dollars for a hair brush, but when I heard about this cheaper problem solver at the drugstore from Michel Mercier, I wasn't against saving a buck or two.

I have the hair brush that's meant to work for normal haired gals as they'd run out of the thick hair version. Even though I have the wrong type, this brush really works. I can brush through wet hair with absolute ease, and even dry, matted morning hair doesn't stand a chance against this brush. I notice that I'm pulling a lot less hair out of the bristles than with other tools I've used in the past. To top it all off, brushing my hair is pain free, and I don't notice any added frizz or extra fly away hairs after using this - if anything, I think that it smooths my hair down. Bye, bye forever, knots!

Have you ever tried this brush or anything similar? Let me know in the comments section below - thanks for reading!

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