Radical Skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask

I get excited about new face mask releases when the products don't do anything more than passively sit on my face while working their magic. So, you can imagine my surprise and delight when I found out that Radical Skincare's Instant Revitalizing Mask bubbled and foamed right before its wearer's eyes. Unfortunately, loving the idea of this product didn't translate into concrete results and HG status. I've toyed with the idea of writing this post for a few days, and even though I did end up bringing this product back to Sephora, I still think that it's a really interesting product that could work for someone with a different skin type than I have.

The immediate results after using this product are just what you'd expect - an increase in the skin's overall brightness and an evening out of tone. One thing that I didn't expect from this mask was the dryness and tightness that my skin was feeling after I removed it. I normally stay away from foaming cleansers because of that 'squeaky clean' experience that agitates my slightly dry skin, but because this was an exfoliating product, I didn't think that it would give that same result. After realizing that it did, I popped on a moisture mask and used my thicker serums that night, but the damage had already been done. I noticed that my skin's balance of oils was off and my face was looking slightly clogged with some small blemishes on my forehead, nose, and cheeks that crop up from time to time. 

I didn't have any type of allergic reaction and the drawbacks of this product were quite minor, telling me that this just wasn't the right product for my skin type. If you're a fan of foaming or gel cleansers and don't have skin that's easily dried out, I could definitely see this working for you. I think that it's worth getting a sample of if you're in Sephora, even just for the novelty of a face mask that bubbles and foams while you're wearing it. 

Have you ever tried this mask or anything else from Radical Skincare? Let me know in the comments below. 
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