My Favorite Real Techniques Brush

Have you ever marveled over an item in your stash, wondering what it was you used when you didn't own it? I found myself staring at my Real Techniques Setting Brush a few days ago and wondering just how I managed to apply a seamless layer of under eye concealer without it. And to be honest, it's quite possible that I didn't!

If you've been reading my blog for a long time, you'll know that my favorite concealer is the Dior Diorsnow BB Eye Cream. When I first bought it, all I'd do to apply it was place a dot on each dark circle and gently pat the product in with my ring finger. I'm not saying that this method of application made the product look bad, but once I finally graduated and picked up this brush from Real Techniques, the whole finish of my under eye concealer changed. I lost quite a bit of the 'crepe effect' that happens in the inner tear duct area and was able to blend out the product quite a bit more, managing to use less of the product and get the same amount of coverage. Less powder was also necessary to set my concealer, so overall, my under eye area looks a lot less powdery on the daily. Not to mention the fact that I'm preventing a lot of premature wrinkles by refraining from tugging on my eyes to apply coverup.

I'd say that it was worth the $7.99!

Have you ever tried any Real Techniques brushes? Let me know in the comments section below - thanks for reading!

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