My Favorite Mac Brushes

Before I had ever learned about Real Techniques or Sigma brushes, I had already started my own little collection of Mac brushes. Although both of those brands have high quality brushes at a lower price point, I still have a certain affinity for my 217 and 239, which were my first ever makeup brushes. Although Mac is not necessarily my favorite brand or the best in the beauty world, whenever I'm feeling a little nostalgic for the days when I thought that bright purple eyeshadow was right for every occasion, I have a poke around my local Mac counter.

For anyone interested in purchasing brushes from Mac, here are the ones that I'd recommend most highly.

Mac 217

If you were to own just one brush from Mac, I would recommend purchasing the 217 or seeking out one of its many dupes - from what I've heard, Sigma has a great one. The arrangement of the natural bristles in this fluffy, goat hair blending brush is, in a word, perfect. Although this brush is great for creating a soft, blown out crease, my favorite way to use this brush is as a clean blender. Soft to the touch, this one won't scratch your eyelids at all, unlike the 224. I've had one of my 217 brushes since I was 11 or 12 - if you take care of it, you will definitely get a solid return on your investment. 

Mac 286

I would have to say that Mac's 286 brush is my second favorite, because it can multitask and serve just about any purpose - it's stiff enough that it can be used to apply a concentrated layer of color to the outer corner, but it's also fluffy enough that it can create a soft crease. I don't use this brush for blending as I prefer the 217, but I could see this working as a blending brush for someone. This brush is also great for detailed facial highlighting under the brow bone and on the cheekbones, as well as for contouring the sides of the nose. 
Mac 242

Although this brush doesn't boast a unique shape, it is still the best brush in my collection for applying eyeshadow to the lids. Its synthetic bristles mean that it won't collect more eyeshadow in its bristles than it deposits on the eyelid, which is a problem that I've had with the 239. This brush works well with cream eyeshadow and can even be used to conceal spots around the face. 

Mac 227 

My final favorite from Mac's range of tools is the 227 large fluff brush. This is by far the best brush that I've discovered for highlighting under the brow bone. If you've brought any one color up too high into the crease, using this brush with an off white matte highlight like Blanc Type will erase the mistake completely. This one is also great for applying a light wash of color all over the lids if you're in a rush to get out the door. Although the 227 only serves a few purposes, it does them extremely well, and you might just find yourself wondering what you did without it.

Have you tried/are looking forward to trying any brushes from Mac? Let me know in the comments section below - thanks for reading!

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