Marc Jacobs Lip Vinyl in Boom Boom

You know how I said that I was going to step outside of my box as far as lip colors go? I resumed carrying out that promise to myself after I threw this one in the shopping cart. I won't try to pull the 'It's different, I swear!' card... I know that my nose would grow.

Regardless of the fact that I might own this exact shade of hot pink ten times over, the finish of this lip vinyl is absolutely stunning. The picture doesn't do the high shine quality of this lip lacquer much justice - if you're a fan of the 'wet look,' this line of lip products might just become your favorite. For reference, I think that this product has a juicier, more dimensional shine than that of the Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stains, probably due to the fact that the consistency of this Marc Jacobs product is a little bit thicker, but not at all gloppy.

The lasting power of the high shine finish really surprised me - I would say that it stuck around for more than 2 hours. When the final remnants of this shade did wear away after several more hours of wear, my lips looked unevenly stained and somewhat dry, although my lips tend to get very chapped. It's not uncomfortable on the lips and they didn't feel dry while the product was still on, but as I mentioned, it did leave my lips feeling parched once it wore away completely. I'd recommend keeping the product in your purse along with a good lip balm if you'll be eating, drinking, talking, or expecting the color to stay completely opaque for more than 2 or 3 hours.

Overall, I think that this is a great option for someone who tried the Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stains and wasn't wowed by the finish or thought that their lips felt wrapped in plastic while they had it on. The Marc Jacobs Lip Vinyl feels as though it stays on top of the lips more because of its thicker consistency and doesn't have the same intense staining effect as the Glossy Stains. While this won't quite be replacing the Glossy Stains in my collection, I think that this fiery hot pink will be something that I'll whip out on those days when I want to intensify my look.

Have you tried this or any other product from the Marc Jacobs Beauty line? Let me know in the comments section below - thanks for reading!

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