My Lipstick Purchasing Habits + A Dior Dupe

Mac's Lady Danger is one of my favorite lipstick shades. My skin tone is probably more suited to a blue toned red, but I really love fiery orange based reds like the lipsticks shown above. Although they don't have the teeth whitening benefits of their blue based counterparts, there's something about them that livens up my complexion (instead of making my paleness more obvious like some classic reds can do). I also find that they're a whole lot easier to wear - I feel like I'm the focus when I wear a subtle orange toned red like Surrender Dorothy by Marc Jacobs, which is a feeling that I don't have when I'm wearing a blue toned or even neutral red.

For all of the reasons that I've listed above, I can understand the current trend in my lipstick drawer - I've collected a fair few orange based reds. With that said, it never occurred to me that I was purchasing the same shades over and over again with only slight variations in tone and finish until I brought home Trafalgar by Dior. I was having a play with my red lipsticks, and swatches of both Lady Danger and Trafalgar ended up on my hands. That was when I noticed the uncanny similarity between my favorite Mac standby and my new Dior splurge - the two lipsticks are practically the same color, the only difference being Lady Danger's matte finish and Trafalgar's satin, slightly glossy one. By the way, this is definitely a 'dupe' alert - if you're considering purchasing Trafalgar by Dior, try out Mac's Lady Danger instead to save a good $15.

This slip up definitely wouldn't be an issue if it were an isolated incident. Unfortunately, I've noticed a definite pattern in my lipstick purchasing habits. I continue to pick up the same bright oranges, orange based reds, mid-tone purples, and fuchsia/hot pink shades. I've come across one or two berry or wine shades and have seen the occasional coral pop up, but no other colors rival my collection of lipsticks from those four distinct categories.

Although I probably don't need to add any more lipsticks to my stash, I'm going to try to branch out the next time that I want a new one. Even I as a beauty obsessive can recognize that there's no point in purchasing the same shades of lipstick from various brands... unless, you know, it's the same color in stain form... I'm weak!

Do you have a particular shade of lipstick that you find yourself purchasing over and over again? Let me know in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading!

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