Cover Girl Clump Crusher Mascara Review

Did any of you ever think that the original Lash Blast formula had clumps? Well, I didn't! Regardless of whether or not Lash Blast needed to be overhauled, I'm glad that it was. I'm definitely not a fan of huge brushes, so this skinnier, more curved brush was a step in the right direction in my book. The shape of the wand makes it easier to get right to the root of the lashes and really pull them up and out - no lash curlers required. I'm rounding out what must be almost 6 months of owning this mascara, and it's just now getting to the point where it's too dry to use. Most high end mascaras don't have formulas that stay wet for that long! Even though I'm not a massive fan of the bright lime green packaging, I'm willing to put up with it for that reason.

The one thing that I like most about this mascara is that it creates defined lashes that strike a perfect balance between overly done and too natural. You'll never have that spidery lash look with this mascara, but in exchange, you can only build it up so much. I think that this mascara is perfect for daytime and nighttime wear if you have a taste for fluttery lashes that aren't obviously covered in many layers of mascara (even if they are!). Otherwise, you may find the need to wear false lashes more often than normal if you love drama.

All in all, this is my pick if you want something foolproof - easy to apply, remove, long lasting, and (relatively) natural.

Have you ever tried Clump Crusher or any other Cover Girl mascaras? Let me know in the comments section below.

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