Mac Patina Eyeshadow Review

This is one of those posts that I should've written a long time ago. Sometimes those staple pieces in our makeup arsenal become so routine that they're almost invisible, 'overshadowed' (pun, as always, intended) by the newer purchases. Although I'll always have that beauty junkie tendency to long for products from recent and exciting releases, when I want to look polished and don't know what to wear on my eyes, this is often times what I'll grab.

In the picture, this shadow definitely looks like a neutral browned golden shade, but in certain lights it can pull more green and gold. It perfectly compliments brown eyes, and I'm sure it would do the same for green or green flecked hazel. As well as playing well with a variety of eye colors, it looks good with almost any cream eyeshadow. I'm partial to layering this over the top of Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Champagne, but any shimmery light brown, green, or gold would make a great companion for it, bringing out its many different dimensions.

Another thing that I love about Patina is that it's definitely a 'one and done' type of shade. Yes, a pigmented cream shadow can be layered under it. A transition color and smoky dark brown can be used to define the crease. Of course, you can wing out a black gel liner and load on the coats of mascara. Do you need to? No, not really. This shade is so interesting and eye and complexion brightening that I find I only need to swipe it on over some primer, add an optional layer of black shadow to the upper lash line, and apply a coat or two of black mascara. After that, sometimes I add a highlight in the inner corner and underneath the brow bone, but I find that I don't really need it. There are some shades of eyeshadow that can really dull the complexion and make those steps necessary, but this one stop shop takes care of all of it. I don't know if it's the reflectiveness of the shadow itself or whether it's just the perfect shade of eyeshadow for my complexion and eye color, but it amps up the brightness and makes me look much perkier than I feel.

Maybe even enough for me to skip under eye concealer... 

That just about sums it up!
Do you have any standby faves that you don't give enough love?
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