Laura Mercier Creme de Pistache Souffle Body Cream Review

I thought for sure that I had already done this review, but when a search for Laura Mercier on the blog garnered no results, I knew that it was due time that I tell you about my body cream love. This is the only body cream that I own at the moment, but I've come across many body creams (mostly belonging to my mother and sister) in my lifetime and I can definitely say that this is my favorite out of all of the lotions, potions, butters, and balms that I've tried.
Even though scent shouldn't be a determining factor of whether or not I like a product, it continues to be, whether I'm testing out a makeup, skincare, lip care, or body care item. That's a definite few points for this moisturizer, because it smells absolutely amazing! The name involves pistachios, and although it does smell reminiscent of the nut, it comes out smelling more like a sweet pistachio pudding or confection with a heavy splash of vanilla. To me, that's an absolutely heavenly smelling concoction, but it may be an acquired taste, so it's very important that you get a whiff of this before you buy it.
This also has really great 'scent throw,' if you will, because as my mother and father were coming up the stairs, they asked me if I had baked anything that day. My mom thought that it smelled like cherry pie when I had the moisturizer open, and I hadn't been burning any candles or spraying perfume, so it was definitely this jar. This definitely gets their stamp of approval!

This body cream is extremely rich and is only a few steps away from being whipped and fluffy (it almost appears to have stiff peaks in the container as you use it up, similar to a meringue), which is why I would think the term 'souffle' is in the name. A little bit of this does go a really long way, although it feels so nice on my skin that I use a lot more than I actually have to! It leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth and really sorts out dry, rough patches, even on places like my feet. This is not one of those body moisturizers that feels better than it works. I definitely recommend that you check out this moisturizer or the other scents that Laura Mercier puts out. I definitely remember seeing a fig scented moisturizer and a crème brûlée version, so there's something to suit everyone's tastes, savory or sweet. 

Have you ever used this or any of the other Laura Mercier bath and body products? Let me know in the comments section below.
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