Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment Review

Today, I'm here to tell you that it's true. Everything that I've hinted to about finding a new, cheaper serum love is true. Move over Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II and take your ridiculously long name and gigantic price tag with you, because this bad boy from Josie Maran has officially arrived. Bright complexions and full pockets are restored. Success.
I can't lie to you - I knew that Advanced Night Repair could not be my 'HG' product (Holy grail, for those of you who hear those two letters put together and have no idea what the heck us beauty bloggers are on about... I know, I've been there). It was far too expensive for me to justify repurchasing, and seeing how I used it every night, it would inevitably run out. Price tag aside (Because you already know that I am able to justify a certain $100 dollar cleanser since it was good enough. Do you hear that? "But it was on sale!" says my inner beauty addict), I didn't love it. I definitely liked it, though. I wasn't breaking out because my skin was getting too much moisture, but the serum was thick enough to hydrate effectively. Things were looking good in the radiance area, but then again, I'm not sure how much of that I can or can't attribute to Estee Lauder's smash hit. I picked up this one around the time that I discovered weekly chemical exfoliation, and you know what kind of magical things that does for the skin when you first start out.

I think that the cult mentality was telling me "Oh, but you're supposed to love this with all of your heart like everyone else!" which made up the difference between just liking it and 'loving' it. I had no other serum in my life that I deemed 'appropriate' for nighttime (I still love you, Caudalie SOS Serum, I just use you during the day!), although I don't know exactly what distinguishes nighttime and daytime serums. Anyway, now that the ultimate enabler for couch potato beauty lovers (I'm talking about QVC, just in case you live under a rock and have never watched any home shopping networks... Oops, I think I just ruined your credit score...) has hooked me up with this argan oil infused water for $56, I can finally put my troubles with ANR to bed. 

I'm definitely not the person to explain the technology behind this product, but I can tell you what's stated on the Sephora website. This product contains argan oil droplets suspended in water. Water particles are small enough to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, so when these tiny droplets of argan oil hitch a ride on the water particles, they're going to provide deep moisture instead of the surface moisture that regular argan oil would create. What I gathered listening to Josie on QVC is that they shake up the argan oil and water so fast that they combine and won't have issues with separating out. Whether you believe in the technology used to produce the product or not, I will tell you, my skin is really soft, so they must've done something right! 

The texture and color is everything that you'd expect from a product that has milk in its name. It's a white, and for lack of a better word, milky liquid when you take a look at it in the bottle. I would liken the texture to Caudalie's SOS Serum, but I think that the Argan Milk is a little bit thicker. If you've tried Caudalie's serum and liked it, then this Josie Maran serum would be right up your alley. 

Although this serum is somewhat thin, it really packs a punch in the moisture department. I like ultra moisturizing serums, so the fact that I can still feel where I applied it for a good while afterwards is a positive. If you've had trouble in the past with products that are rich enough to leave your skin feeling slightly tacky for a few minutes post application, then you might want to get a sample of it first or shop at a store with a good return policy. Even though this product is really moisturizing, I think that it can work for anyone as long as it's layered with the right products or used as a special treatment a couple nights a week.

Skip it or buy it? I absolutely love it, but then again, skincare is a really personal thing. If you're suffering from dry or dehydrated skin and need a new serum, then I think that this could work for you and is worth sampling. If ANR wasn't moisturizing enough and was making you cry a little bit each time that you shelled out for it, then this could work for you. If your skin is easily thrown off balance by too much moisture, you'll have to play around with how many times a week you use the serum and what you layer over it, if anything, so it may not be worth the investment if it's not your primary serum. I think that if you're interested in trying it no matter what your skin type, you definitely should - just shop at a store with a good return policy or pick up some samples of the product first so that there's no risk in shelling out. 

Have you ever tried this product or any others from Josie Maran? If so, what did you think? Let me know in the comments section below. 

Thanks for reading!

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