Dramatic Eyes Makeup Tutorial

I was sitting at my makeup table on an afternoon when I didn't have anything to do and decided to start riffling through my stash. You know those shadows that you've played with more than a few times, desperately trying to get them to look right, but you never can? As I was rummaging around in my eyeshadow drawer, I happened upon one: Strada by Nars. When I swatch it on my hand, it's a beautiful lilac with golden shimmer running through it. On my eyes, however, all of the golden glitters disappear and I always look as if I have a bruise on my eye. Not exactly the look I'm going for. 

This time, however, I made the greyed purple work for me by deepening the crease with a winning black cherry shade from Mac and the glittery true black in the Naked 3 palette. To bring a little warmth back into the look, I used Mac's Vibrant Grape as a transition shade and lined my lower lash line with a new eyeliner from Stila. Too bad I covered the purple up with a Lorac Liquid Lustre. Anyway, if you want to see exactly how I achieved this look, keep on reading.

The first thing that I did was take this beautiful light purple eye crayon and apply it to both lids. Don't worry if this step is messy, there's going to be plenty of powder eyeshadow going on top of it, so it doesn't need to be perfect. If you're going to use this eye crayon and you want it to stay put (and I mean, who wouldn't?), then I would recommend taking out your favorite eye primer and applying it first, just to be safe. This product does have a habit of creasing on me, but then again, I have very oily eyelids. 
This step definitely isn't necessary if you don't have any purple cream shadows. I'm working with a particularly finicky purple shade for this eye look, which is definitely why I wanted to put down a colored base. 

As you can see, this shadow is a dream in the pan. Getting that gorgeous gold shimmer to translate on the eyes is almost a nightmare! What I did to try to keep some of the hints of shimmer in tact was use a flat, synthetic eyeshadow brush to pick up the product. Then, I very gently patted it over top of the cream shadow. I definitely layered this up because I knew I would lose a lot of the gold shimmer through blending, but don't worry. We'll use a few dabs (or, in my case, half the bottle) of Lorac's Liquid Lustre to restore some of the sparkle that was lost. 

Now it's time to define the crease. My shadow of choice for doing this is Sketch, which I took on a 286 crease brush from Mac and applied on the outer third of my eyelid and up into the crease, focusing on creating a nice V shape in the outermost corner of my eye. To blend out any harsh edges I'd just created, I took Vibrant Grape on my trusty 217 and buffed it into my crease. 

After I'd done that, I thought that I needed just a bit more definition in the outermost corner of my eye, so I took Blackheart from the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette on my 286 brush and really focused on working this color into the outermost corner of my eyelid. You don't want to take this black too far in, so as a general rule of thumb, make sure that you're not using the black on at least half of the area that was previously covered with Sketch. 
To make sure that these two colors effortlessly blend, I like to take a clean brush and just barely touch it into Sketch's eyeshadow pan, running the brush over the black that I laid down in circular motions. This way, you can't distinguish these two colors, and it creates a nice, smokey effect. If you've lost the intensity of the blending color, Vibrant Grape, then go back in with it on your 217 brush, applying it above the outer V and around the outside of the shadows you put there.

Here comes my favorite part: glitter. This look would be beautiful without glitter, but a half a drop dabbed in the middle of the eyelid (this stuff is pigmented, trust me!) and fanned out from there would replace the glitter particles lost during blending, therefore saving my eyeshadow dream: a beautiful lilac base with golden sparkles. Next time I'll heed my own advice - this was my first time using this particular Lorac product, and I had no idea that just one drop more would cover my entire eyelid! Lesson learned. 

After mascara and eyeliner (really, use anything - liquid, gel, cream, pencil - and apply to your desired thickness), it's time to highlight! As a unique twist, I decided to take Make Up For Ever's Aqua Liner in 16 and apply it to the inner corner of my eyes, dragging upwards slightly toward the brow bone to meet Vibrant Grape in the crease. Then I lined my waterline with a Mac Eye Kohl and finished my highlighting off with Mac's Blanc Type (What else would you expect me to use? ) under the brow bone.

Last but not least, to inject a little more warmth back into the look, I took another recent purchase from Stila and lined my lower lash line with it, slightly smudging it out. It might not be to your taste, but since I wasn't going anywhere, I decided to try it. I kind of like it! What do you think? 

That's about it! Let me know in the comments section if you like these kind of tutorials. Is there anything that I can do better? I wasn't planning on doing a tutorial for this one, but in the future, I could do step by step pictures. Would you be interested in seeing a video? I don't think that I could set up a tripod for the life of me now, but I'll learn for you guys! 
Give me some feedback. 
Thanks for reading!

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