A Small Collective Haul with First Impressions

Today I thought I'd show you some of the odds and ends that I've collected over the past month or so. One of these products was a gift, but the rest came from a trip to Sephora and a naughty weeknight QVC purchase. I've tried almost all of these products, so I'll give you my first impressions. Complete with some photography that I took in an attempt to be artsy.
Let's get on with it!


A recent release from Josie Maran, this is the product that I've had and used for the longest time. I don't know too much about the technology of it, but supposedly the argan oil and water have been incorporated in such a way that the oil is able to penetrate deeper layers of the skin for added hydrating benefits. Boy, can I feel it! I've started to use this every night with the argan oil as my moisturizer and my skin is the softest that it's ever been. It's also part of a killer pamper night combination that I discovered this week... more to come.

I have heard a slew of wonderful things about these wipes, but the support for this product almost wasn't enough to convince me to buy it. There are lots of great makeup removing options at the drug store, especially in the face wipe category. However, after running out of my Mac wipes and going back to one of my drugstore standbys, the facial towelettes from the Simple skincare range, I found that my eyes were really irritated by them. They were a little alcohol heavy for my easily reddened eyes, so I didn't think that they would keep that permanent spot in my rotation, but paying $15 for a pack of 30 wipes didn't seem like the answer, either. In the end, with mall closing time just around the corner and no Mac counter in sight, I threw them in the basket. Luckily, I'm glad that I did. They smell like a fresh squeezed orange, the weaved texture is gentle enough not to irritate the sensitive eye area, and the packaging keeps them moist and looks especially cheery on my makeup table. If I ignore the price... then they're perfect. 

While my sister was studying abroad, she very graciously decided to pick up this little number from Aesop as a present for me. Ever since I saw this in a haul on essiebutton's channel, I'd been intrigued. Although she said that she preferred its Parsley Seed equivalent because it was less potent, I still wanted to try this more souped up version for a weekly deep cleanse. I haven't used this all over my face yet, but I can report that it smells quite pleasant and isn't too harsh for use as an overnight spot treatment. Updates to come.

After professing my love for the YSL Glossy Stains here, you could've predicted that at least one more shade would find its way into my collection. I've been wanting to build up my little collection of purple lip products, and with the edition of a plummy Revlon Matte Balm, Mac's vibrant Up the Amp, and this YSL gem, I think that I'm well on my way. 
With the odd cold fronts that have been coming through the southern US, I've been struggling to keep my lips hydrated. I had read a few good reviews about Bite Beauty's new Agave Lip Mask, and since this brand has always intrigued me, I decided to pick it up. When I got this home, I slathered on a healthy dose of it and did the same thing before bed. After two applications, my lips had no dryness or cracking, and they were smooth and plump. The product is super thick and it's a little difficult to squeeze out of the tube, but the results are so good that I'm going to suck it up and buy a tube wringer! 

That's about it! 
Let me know in the comments section if you've ever tried any of these things out or if something has piqued your interest. 
Thanks for reading!

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