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I normally don't let myself get within 20 feet of any Ulta (so many impulse purchases happen there...), but since I had a gift card to spend, I made an exception. As it turns out, Stila had just released some new colored eyeliners, and I, being the eyeliner addict that I am, got sucked into buying a few. A few other things might have ended up in my cart...

The Stila liquid liner that I picked up in the shade Cobalt is something that I've been delaying the purchase of for a long while. I do have one navy blue gel liner, but the much brighter blue hue of this Stila eyeliner makes them difficult to compare. Whenever I came close to purchasing it, I asked myself if I really needed it... and the answer was no. On this night, with my gift card in hand, I was feeling like spending a little bit of money and treating myself. And treat myself to this one I did. 

Of course, other eyeliner purchases followed. When I saw these new Stila eyeliners in Deep Fuchsia and Mint Julep, I knew I had to have them. Another eyeliner purchase that I'd hemmed and hawed about was the Smudge Stick in Turquoise, and it also went into the basket.

Picking up one of Lorac's 3D Eyeshadow Topcoats also meant crossing off a long time wishlist item. I always forget that my Ulta carries Lorac products, but since I was specifically looking for the Lorac Pro Palette, I headed to that section of the store first thing. Although I was not impressed enough with the eyeshadow palette to purchase it, I saw the last Gold Lustre that they had in stock sitting on the shelf and threw it in my basket. Isn't that the best feeling? 

I can never leave any store without buying at least one lip product. While I was over by the eyeliners, this reddish orange lipstick caught my eye. This color reminded me of Hourglass's Raven, which I left behind at Sephora in order to purchase its deeper red counterpart, Icon. Although Raven isn't completely off my radar, I think that this Stila product makes a very nice substitute in the mean time. 

That's about it! 
What's been on your wishlist lately? Let me know in the comments. 
Thanks for reading! 

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