Omorovicza Perfecting Lip Balm Review

Omorovicza had 30% off on their website as a Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotion, which is when I picked up a full size of their gorgeous Deep Cleansing Mask. I was planning on buying something else with the 30% discount, but I wasn't prepared to buy the $86 regular price Queen of Hungary mist even with the money off. I perused my bedside table to see if any of my staple items were running out, and lo and behold, I saw a huge dent in my Dior Creme de Rose lip balm. I hadn't heard of any deals on Dior products, so I decided that I would purchase Omorovicza's pricey $45 lip balm to replace it while this amazing promotion was still running.

Of course, in true beauty addict fashion, I couldn't resist trying this before my Dior lip balm was scraped out and in the trash can. The first thing that I noticed about my new purchase is that it did not smell or taste nearly as good as my Dior standby. Dior's lip balm, as the name would suggest, smells and tastes of fresh cut roses. It's an absolutely beautiful scent, so I knew going into the purchase that it probably wouldn't smell and taste nearly as good as the lip balm that I was used to. As I smoothed it on, I realized that my new purchase was a much thicker consistency and could really be layered on. My dilemma with the Dior option was that no matter how many times I dipped my fingers back in the pot, I could only get a thin layer of product to deposit on my lips, which is part of the reason why it lasted for so long. This new Omorovicza find could really be layered up because it was quite a bit more sticky and adhered to my lips better, and I noticed that I put a dent in it much faster than I did with my other lip balm.

Another positive difference that I've noticed with Omorovicza's lip balm is that it lasts a lot longer than the Dior pick, even if I don't slather it on. It sticks around through eating and drinking, whereas I'd notice with the Dior lip balm that any product on the surface of my lips would disappear when put to that test.

Even with all of that said, I still find myself a bit conflicted. The Dior product has exquisite packaging, even though the edge of mine chipped when I first got it (in its defense, I did drop it). The lid is easier to screw on and off and I don't struggle with it if I have any serum or moisturizer on my hands like I do with the Omorovicza lip balm. If the lid were a little bit wider around the edges, there wouldn't be a problem, but I can't change the packaging so it will continue to be a problem. I also expected nicer, sturdier packaging than the plastic jar it came in. It still looks sleek and luxurious in pictures, but it doesn't feel weighted in the palm of my hand like the Dior option.

Although all of those features aren't related to each product's performance, I'm still not sure which lip balm I prefer on that front, either. On paper, Omorovicza's balm definitely seems like the better option, but I've been having problems with my lips being especially flaky even though I exfoliate every night. They don't feel dehydrated when I rub them together, but they do have an awful lot of dead skin that collects on the surface. I'll chock it up to the colder weather that we've been having, but I do hope that my diligence in taking care of my lips helps to solve the problem soon, or else I might be sent off on another quest for the perfect lip balm!

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