Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream Review

In this post, I talked about some new products that I picked up from Antipodes. I hadn't been using their day cream for long enough to give it a thumbs up or down at the time, so I've decided to check back in and share some of my thoughts about it now that I've given it a fair shot.
One of the main reasons why I decided to purchase this product was because of the name and the delicious scent that I believed would come with it. Upon opening the jar, the smell that reached my nose was definitely not what I was expecting. It wasn't exactly bad, but for me, it had a smell reminiscent to baby powder, which is one of the aromas that I am not particularly fond of. As with any product that I continuously force myself to use, the scent grew on me. I am terrible at describing scents, but what I'd say about this one is that it has a spiced vanilla fragrance. It's fairly strong, and my sense of smell still inclines me to think of baby powder when I apply it, but it has grown on me. As always, if you can, try to get to a stockist and take a whiff before you decide to buy it.

Of course, like you'd expect from any moisturizer, it has a creamy texture. It feels quite thick and rich, just like the night cream from the range. I think that someone with oily skin could definitely get away with using this as a day and night cream, especially with some serums layered up underneath it. I love the heavy glass packaging, which amps up the luxury factor and makes this feel especially pampering. I haven't been given many reasons to dislike this product, bar the scent upon first whiff, and I think that it's definitely on par with the rest of the Antipodes line. I don't think that very many people would find themselves disappointed with this product if it found its way into their stashes.

The bottom line on this product for me, though, is that it's not indispensable. I could definitely go out and find a replacement that I would be equally happy with as far as performance, packaging, and scent in a similar price range. At the end of the day, a reliable product that doesn't break me out is still worth its price and place on my bedside table, but it's not a good skin day in a jar like the rest of the Antipodes products that I tried. Then again, who expects that from their day cream?

I definitely wouldn't pass on this if you're looking for a nice day cream and have some extra money, especially if you're already well acquainted with the brand, but it's just not the first thing that I'd tell someone to run out and buy from the brand if they've never tried Antipodes before.

If you're interested in purchasing this day cream, you can find it here for $48.

Have you ever tried this or anything else from Antipodes? Do you have your eye on anything from the brand right now? Let me know in the comments section below, and thanks for reading!

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