Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

When Sephora's $20 gift card for members who spend $50 or more was released, I knew exactly what I was getting. This promotion had been perfectly timed with the arrival of the highly anticipated Naked 3 palette. Although I didn't buy into the hype of the Naked 2, the rosy hues of the new Naked palette were right up my alley, and the gift card gave me that extra push to snag this palette for $32 instead of $52.

Out of all of the Naked palettes, I think that the shades in this palette make up the most unique and cohesive collection of colors with a gradual fade from light, shimmery daytime shades to darker colors that you can use to create sultry, smokey looks for evenings out. The matte blending shades (Limit and Nooner) are standouts for me, as Urban Decay could've just have easily slapped two flat browns in there and called it a day. Instead, they placed these dusty browns with pink undertones in the mix, and they go perfectly with the rose gold color scheme. As always, though, there is no dark matte brown, so this palette can't stand alone if you want a shade with a less shimmery finish to define your outer corner or if you're a brunette and need a matte brown to fill in your brows.

Although this is stating the obvious, none of the Naked palettes are for you if you don't like shimmer, metallic finishes, or glitter. This palette especially has various shades of micro glitter in the eye shadows. While this makes all of the shades unique and their presence is subtle, it's definitely a factor to consider if you or the person who you're buying this for isn't a huge fan of sparkle on the eyes. It can be argued that a lot of these colors look similar in swatches, so it's important to use a good base (such as an Urban Decay primer, a few of which are given as samples with the Naked 3 palette) to get the best color payoff.

So far, I really like this palette, but I can't come to any definite conclusions about it until I play around with it a little bit more. What I can say is that this is a great palette to have on hand because it provides a fresh take on the classic neutrals that we're used to seeing in the Naked palettes. I think that this palette is worth the $52 for the amount and quality of product that you get, especially if you manage to find a good deal on it like I did!

If you're interested in purchasing Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette, you can find it here at for $52. 

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