Ren Micro Polish Cleanser Review

I have an over the toilet cabinet that houses most of my skincare products, bar the ones that hang out on my bedside table. I'm not good at remembering to put down my toilet's lid, so most of the time, it stays up. Every time that I take out products from that cabinet, though, I try to shut the lid in anticipation that one day, something would fall into it. Last night, something did take a dive... and unfortunately, it was Ren's Micro Polish Cleanser. When I told my father about this little mishap, he said, "That gives a whole new meaning to the word toiletries!"

This is not a rest in peace post, however. The lid on the cleanser was closed, and no water got under the lid. The moment I saw that it had fallen in, I sprung into action, and just threw my hands right in there and fished it out. Sanitary? No. Should I still be using this product? Some of you might think I shouldn't, but... I'm weak. I couldn't live without this cleanser in my life! Hygienic or not, I'm still using this excellent exfoliating cleanser, and here's how I justify keeping a product that fell into the toilet.

As you can tell from the photos above, this cleanser has a creamy base with little particles in it to manually exfoliate the skin, and it also contains various acids (lactic, glycolic, and fruit) to give a chemical exfoliation. To use this, you just wet your hands and face with a little water, squeeze a tiny bit from the tube (the amount of product coming out of the tube in the top photo has been enough for me), and rub it onto your skin. Once it looks like the product has been fully rubbed in, I like to pat a little bit more water onto my skin and massage it in so that the cream base foams up again. After doing that a few more times, depending upon how thorough I want to be, I take some warm water and completely rinse the product from my face and pat dry.

Every time I've used this, I've noticed an immediate change in the tone of my skin. It looks brighter and more even and feels cleaner and smoother to the touch. Mind you, this isn't the first time that I've ever exfoliated my skin, manually or chemically. I've used various other facial scrubs and am a huge fan of the Clarins exfoliating toner. With that said, even though I've exfoliated my skin before, I still notice a large improvement in my skin immediately after using this product and overall. I use it about 2-3 times a week, and I'm really loving the acne-busting, skin smoothing, tone-evening results!

I've become a little bit skeptical about manual exfoliation now that I understand that chemicals are safer and do a better job, so I understand that the combination of the two in this product isn't for everyone. If you're not afraid to get a bit scrubby, you can find Ren's Micro Polish Cleanser here at for $30. It also appears in various Ren kits full of minis that are available at Sephora as well, so if you've got a hankering to try this product, you can do so without the risk of losing $30 (although Sephora does have a great return policy).

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