Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars Review

Left to Right: Grandma, Lydia, Iced, Pretty Boy, Kava Kava, NSFW, Super NSFW, and Hoochie

Once you rub a tubed lipstick all over your lips, it's been marked as your own. You can't (and don't want to) share it with any of your friends or family. Lip glosses, stains, and tinted lip balms all have applicators that you either stick back in the tube after using them on your lips or a stick of product that gets applied directly onto your lips. Sure, you can use a lip brush or a disposable applicator in all of these cases to avoid the hygiene issues, but how practical is that for everyday use?

That is the beauty of the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar. The liquid lipstick is housed in a plastic container from which the product is squeezed out. It works best when applied with a lip brush, but fingers are perfectly fine in a pinch. You're never touching your lips to the apparatus that dispenses the product or the product itself, so it's completely sanitary to share this product with friends, mothers, sisters, and anyone else who wants to color their mouth. I'd imagine that this is also a great product for a makeup artist's kit, because these things are insanely pigmented and are easy to mix together. Actually, all of the colors in the line were created with that concept in mind, because there are black, white, and various primary colors available to aid in the creation of custom lip colors.
The shades can always be used on their own, though, so even if you're not going to turn the back of your hand into an artist's palette, these lip tars would make an excellent addition to your everyday makeup bag.

Left to Right: Grandma, Lydia, Iced, Pretty Boy, Kava Kava, NSFW, Super NSFW, and Hoochie

As you can see, the color that shows through the tube is the same shade that will appear on your lips. These things are extremely pigmented, and you only need a tiny droplet of each color to completely cover your lips. 

Another thing to know about these lip tars is that, like any other pigmented lip product, it's very important to exfoliate and moisturize your lips properly before applying them. Once they're on the lips, though, they're fairly comfortable and don't seem to dry out the lips much. Having well taken care of lips is mainly important for application, as pigmented products often have a tendency to settle in cracks in the lips.

Of course, I just couldn't resist mixing all of the colors on my hand together. It did make a really beautiful rosy pink color. And with that much pigment on my hands, I just had to draw all of you a heart with a lip brush! 

Don't try this at home, though... when I tried to remove it, I was left with red stains on my hands that wouldn't wash away! All of the colors wear on the lips similarly to the way they adhere to hands, but I like to put a clear lip liner on underneath just in case. I rub my lips together a lot and am always drinking water, so I think that it's a good idea to apply some kind of base to my lips before applying the color I've chosen, but that's completely up to you. In my experience, they do pretty well without it for at least the first two or three hours. 

If you're interested in purchasing a lip tar, you can find them here at for $18. 

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