Mac and Sephora Haul ft. Marc Jacobs Starlet Palette

Since my older sister Teri is home for Thanksgiving break, we decided to head to our local mall. We had some beauty products to return, so we visited all of my favorite beauty destinations. Of course, being the addict that I am, I can't pass a Mac counter without buying some lipsticks or leave Sephora without a black and white striped bag filled with some goodies. Since I can't contain my excitement about this Marc Jacobs palette and it's much too soon to review it, I decided to throw in the lipsticks I purchased at Mac and make a haul/first impressions post out of it.

My, my, my... what a surprise it is that I gravitated towards some of the brightest lipsticks in the Mac shade range! If any of you read my last two posts on lip products, you'll know that I am a sucker for some good pink and red shades. What I noticed when I was going through my lip products to come up with some makeup related reviews was that I don't own nearly any purple lip products, and for loving orange hues, it doesn't seem like I have a bunch of those, either. I arrived at the Mac counter open to finding any color lipstick for my third selection, but as far as the first two went, I was a girl on a mission looking for some a vibrant orange and a sassy purple. 

Up the Amp (Amplified), Morange (Amplified), and All Fired Up (Matte)

My opinion of Mac lipsticks varies. On the one hand, they have an incredible shade range that isn't matched by very many companies. Their price is also competitive at $15, which is definitely a middle of the road price between drugstore and high end, thus allowing me to buy three unique lipsticks instead of one or two. The scent of the lipsticks is great, and is also one of the things that makes them more appealing to me... I'm also a sucker for vanilla. The formula on some of them, in my opinion, could be better. The mattes are fairly drying and you need to pay attention to moisturizing and exfoliating your lips before you even think about picking it up. But alas, I do have a matte shade in my haul, so the fact that these aren't the most moisturizing mattes in the world hasn't deterred me much. I do think that there are better matte lipsticks out there (like the Tarte lipsticks that I reviewed here), but the fact that they are more expensive and have less shades, so I've already bought my favorites, means that I will still keep buying Mac mattes. 

Now that I've essentially bashed that formula (it's really not that bad!), I will tell you that the Amplified lipsticks seem great, and all of the other formulas that I've gotten from Mac haven't caused any dissatisfaction. The only thing that has ever made me yearn for my high end lip stains is the fact that I could not eat a gigantic, juicy burger and still see all of the lipstick where I'd first applied it. I'd probably see those traces all over my face, but I'd much rather have them stay put where I put them. That's with most lipsticks, I imagine, though. 

So now that I'm done with that hypothetical situation (and to be honest, I don't really eat gigantic, juicy burgers, but I guess having the option to do so with lipstick on is nice), I can finally move onto the best part: The Starlet palette by Marc Jacobs! 

These palettes come with many different layers of packaging: the outer box, the pouch that the palette comes in, and a removable insert that protects the eye shadows. I guess it doesn't sound like that much when I put it that way, but it sure was a heck of a lot to take pictures of! I do appreciate the fact that the brand paid attention to details during production, and it definitely adds to the luxury factor.

Although I do love the sleek black packaging, the colors in the palette are really what drew me to it. If you don't like metallic, shimmery shadows, then this palette is definitely not for you. As you can see, none of these shades are matte. There are darker shadows that can be used to define the crease, but they do have the same type of sheen. I feel that the shine is a little less pronounced in the darker more neutral colors than in the copper, gold, and light silver shades, however. 

These shades swatch and blend effortlessly, and I didn't have to rub my fingers over the shadows again and again to get a good color payoff. The staying power is just great, and I was able to use the gold shade over a little bit of a Butter London cream shadow without primer underneath and I had no creasing issues. I have very oily eyelids, so when a shadow doesn't crease without a primer and just a cream shadow on underneath, I'm very impressed. The value of this palette is just incredible when the quality of the shadows is considered. The palette, which contains seven colors, retails for $59. That's a little less than $8.50 per shadow. Although the pans look small, only a little bit of product is needed to get a rich color payoff, so they will last for a long while. This palette really could be all someone needs, bar a highlight shade or a matte brown transition color. 
Even though I've only had this palette for a little while, I can tell that it's going to become a firm favorite. It's definitely something that I'd consider purchasing in other shades. I created a look that I really liked using one of the shades from this palette, so a tutorial might crop up somewhere, but I'm not making any promises because of my chronic procrastination! 
If you're interested in the Marc Jacobs palette, you can find it here at 
You can also find Mac's line of lipsticks here.

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