Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain Review & Swatches

Do these colors look familiar? Yes, I am a creature of habit when it comes to my lip colors, and not only did I think that I needed two bright pink and red Tarte lipsticks, but I also believed that these pink and red shades by Yves Saint Laurent were different enough to justify their purchase. "Yes," I told myself, "the pink shade is ever so slightly darker, more glossy and shimmery than the one I already own, and the red is much more orange based and shiny that I could never leave these here, all lonely and unused at Sephora."

Because I'm the best camerawoman in the world and the queen of color theory, I didn't realize that these two shades would look nearly identical when photographed side by side. On the up side, these swatches show that even though I only had the stain on my hand for two or three minutes, it sets very quickly and imparts long lasting color that really sticks, even when it's scrubbed at with a makeup wipe for a good few minutes!

No one can deny that the finish on these are incredible. That beautiful shine is present when you first put it on, and it wears extremely well, lasting at the very least an hour. Once the shine is gone, the tint goes on to last for the better part of the day, even through eating and drinking. You would think that a long lasting finish such as this would be very drying and uncomfortable, but it passes my own comfort test, and as I've explained in previous lip products posts, I'm very picky about that. Surprisingly, I've watched some videos in which people felt oppositely. One person even compared it to having a layer of plastic over their lips! If you can get your hands on a tester before you buy it, definitely play around with it so that you can get a sense of how it'll feel once it goes on your lips.

When you actually go to apply the lip stains, it's important to exfoliate with a lip scrub beforehand. I've found that the formula works best when it's applied onto dry lips (either apply lip balm while doing the rest of your makeup and let it sink in, or just skip that step), and once on, you should resist the urge to rub your lips together. I know, it's extremely hard, but the product works best if it's given time to set before any rubbing happens. After about 60 seconds (you could probably get away with less, but I like to make especially sure that it sets before anything touches it), rub your lips together to your hearts content!

Overall, I love the formula and shade range of these glossy stains, and they're definitely something that I'd repurchase in different colors in the future. The two shades that I showed are two of my favorite lip products and are most definitely my favorite stains. They're not cheap at $34.00, but to me, they're worth the splurge. I've never seen anything else except for their Loreal counterparts that have this sheen.

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