Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette Review and Swatches

I think that anyone who gives the occasional scroll through my blog can tell that I love skincare products. What you don't see when you look through all of my posts and tags is a whole lot of makeup related content. Even though I have posts by the dozens about how to take makeup off, I assure you, I do quite enjoy putting it on! With that said, I research makeup products before trying them to the same extent that I do my skincare, and palettes don't always fare well when undergoing scrutiny. It's extremely hard to find an eyeshadow palette containing more than 4 shades that doesn't have a few duds, and harder still to find a palette that has good formulas and piques my interest. That's why I was thoroughly surprised that I liked Urban Decay's new eyeshadow palette, Vice 2, enough to take it home with me. 
Urban Decay's Vice 2 in all its shimmery, sparkly glory. 

Like all of Urban Decay's other offerings, these shadows are absolute showstoppers! For the amount of glitter that appears to be packed in these babies, I've had little to no issues with fallout. Most of the shades are just smooth, metallic pigment, and the ones that do contain glitter don't have a disco dance party on your face, just your eyelids. I imagine that these shadows would look great applied wet, especially the intense metallic silver and gold, although I have yet to try it. I've tested out both ends of the brush that's included, and I must say that the quality of this brush is much better than the brush included in the Naked palette, which actually snapped in half after I used it a couple of times. Although I'm not normally a fan of the brushes that come with these palettes, this one does function well. Unless you're not a fan of brights and smoky shades, I don't think that there's any way that you can go wrong with this palette.

Now, onto the exciting part: swatches! 
 Coax, Shellshock, Lovesick, Smokeout
X-rated, Prank, Madness, Strike
 Damaged, Radar, Poison, Stash
 Dope, Derailed, Betrayal, Voodoo
 Rewind, Ambush, Habit, Toxic
The matte shadows that are in this palette are buttery smooth, just as you'd expect a good matte to be. Even if you have the Naked palette, you won't be bored by the neutrals in this palette. They're nicely pigmented and unique, especially the metallic browns with gold leanings.

If you're interested in purchasing this palette, you can get it here from Sephora for $59. 
Thanks for reading! 

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