Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance 12 Hour Lipstick Review + Swatches

For a very long time, I didn't like full coverage lipsticks. They didn't apply smoothly on my perpetually dry lips, even after exfoliation and a heavy application of lip balm. Even if I could get a lipstick to apply well, there was no telling whether or not I'd actually keep it on. Most of them were too drying and uncomfortable to wear. I'd rather reach for a tinted lip balm or Revlon Lip Butter than deal with the hassle that is a badly made lipstick.

Whether the solution to my problem was coming across my favorite lip care products (which I talk about in this post), discovering lipsticks with better formulas, or both, I'm not sure of, but I think that Tarte's Glamazon (although I've heard it referred to as Amazonian Clay as well) lipstick in Fierce had something to do with my change of heart.

Although it may not look like much to you on my hand, on the lips, it's a gorgeous cherry red shade that will really compliment paler complexions and dark hair. It looks great by itself, but I like to layer it with a similarly colored lip liner for an even more intense color payoff. My favorite face to pair this shade with is a light application of powder, winged eyeliner, mascara, highlighter for the cheekbones, brow bones, and inner tear duct, and maybe a smidgen of blush if I'm looking a bit pale. Bold lipsticks such as these are the best things to apply if there isn't enough time for a complicated eye look but I want to look like I put some extra effort into my makeup. It's also nice to pop on with just mascara and nothing else when I don't want to mess around with my makeup.

Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance 12-Hour lipstick in Foxy.

After trying and loving the first shade that I showed you, I couldn't resist picking up another bright one from the same line. Although the color doesn't look too different from all of the other hot pink shades that have been cropping up as of late, the formula cannot be beaten. It's a smooth and creamy satin finish with just the right amount of shine to keep lips from looking dry, but no shimmer. It's extremely comfortable to wear from first application until it's time to take it off. It doesn't withstand heavy eating and drinking like a lip stain, but it doesn't feather off and is pretty long-wearing as far as lipsticks go. My favorite way to wear this lipstick is not with a full coverage application, but rather, a light dabbing of it across the lips. I put lip balm under and over it so that it becomes more of a sheer color rather than the bright fuchsia that's seen in the swatch above. I throw on some mascara and smudge a little bit of black powder eyeshadow into the lash line, and I'm done.

Can we spare a moment to talk about this packaging? I love the natural wooden look of the tubes and the fun design that shows you the color of the lipstick that appears all around it. It almost reminds me of flames.

Even if you're a neutrals girl, Tarte has some other colors you may like in this line. If you're looking for a new bright or muted lipstick, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these. You can purchase them at here for $26.

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