High End Mascaras: Givenchy, YSL, Benefit, and Dior

Let's face the facts: high end mascaras are expensive. Generally, mascaras with higher price points are in the range of twenty to thirty dollars, give or take. For that price, you can buy one Dior Addict gloss or two Mac lipsticks or glosses, which would presumably outlast a mascara, which is at its prime at the 3-6 month mark. Anything past that and the mascara can get dry, flaky, and unusable. When put into those terms that I think all beauty junkies can understand, yes, high end mascaras are fairly expensive.
That's why I like to buy the right mascara the first time, sans experimentation with troublesome formulas (I'm looking at you, Smashbox Full Exposure). I thought I'd pass on my knowledge of the four high end mascaras that I've sampled recently: Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes, YSL Faux Cils, Benefit They're Real, and Dior Diorshow.

No, it's not a device used for torture... it's a mascara wand!

The unfortunate consequence of placing all of the high end mascaras that I've tried recently in the same round-up post is that they will be compared, and I will play favorites. Admittedly, my favorite mascara of this bunch and my favorite mascara of all time is Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes. It's not the formula in and of itself that makes this mascara special, but when the formula is combined with the unique applicator, that's when the real magic happens. This type of wand allows you to coat and curl the short lashes closest to the tear duct and curl and elongate the outermost lashes, which are the ones that really contribute to eye brightness and give that 'doll eyes' effect that we're all after. 

Gossmakeupartist made the great suggestion to buy these type of applicators separately (apparently they've been manufactured and are available for purchase in packs) and place them in a cheaper mascara. While I couldn't see myself doing that to this mascara because I think that the formula is just the right consistency for use on this wand and I'm a firm believer that the formula of the mascara is made to work optimally with the provided wand, I could see that being an option for someone who wants to try out this amazing applicator but doesn't want to splash out for Givenchy's mascara formula or doesn't like it.   

If you're interested in purchasing this mascara, it can be found here at for $30.  

The two main things that I remember loving about this product while I was using it was it's beautiful, reflective gold packaging and it's lovely floral scent that makes an appearance in most YSL products. Pure luxury! 

If there was an award for packaging that could be given in this post, then Yves Saint Laurent's Faux Cils mascara would win it! The packaging, as you can tell from the photo shown at the very top of this post, is exquisite. This mascara definitely has the luxury factor that you would expect from a mascara at this price point. I do not love this product and rate it as my second favorite mascara simply because of the packaging, though. This mascara had great longevity as compared to the next two mascaras that I'll be showing, and I was able to get what I felt was a long time out it, although I can't remember exactly how long that was. I estimate that it was at least 4 months of use, because even after this mascara had started to dry out completely and smell funny, I couldn't part with the tube itself out of grief that it was no longer a part of my routine! The thin brush was very good at getting those pesky inner lashes and swooping out the outer lashes to get those peepers looking wide open and bright. The formula was very effective at keeping the lashes curled and I don't remember it flaking off at all until the very end of its life.

If you're interested in purchasing this mascara, you can get it here at for $30.

I'm a fan of smaller, thinner mascara applicators, so the plastic wand in Benefit's They're Real mascara was right up my alley. At $23, it's a good $7 dollars cheaper than the other mascara's that I've shown, but its performance is just as good. I especially like the stiffness of the bristles and the way they're arranged at the top. This wand is easily used vertically to get the roots of the lashes and really pull them up and out. The only drawback to buying the full size of this mascara is that I was only able to get about 3 months out of it before it dried out. I would suggest buying the $10 size that has about half of the product that's in the full size. The brush is smaller, but if you buy the full size mascara and use it up, you could keep and clean the wand from the full size and continue to use it in the smaller size. That way, you only have about half of the product open at a time and the majority of it isn't wasted when it dries out. 

If you're interested in purchasing either the full size or half size of Benefit's They're Real mascara, you can find it here at for $23 or $10.

I was introduced to Dior's Diorshow mascara by my mom, who loves the big brush because it makes her lashes more voluminous. As I've expressed in this post, I'm a fan of smaller brushes, and this mascara wand is about as big as they come. If you like wide mascara wands, this mascara is a great one to try. My only issue with it besides the brush size is that I could never get the tube to fully close.  The excess product would collect on the rim of the tube and it would dry, making the tube hard to close. That might have contributed to the mascara drying out before my Givenchy and YSL picks. If you buy this mascara, just make sure to close it really tightly every time that you use it and wipe the rim off from time to time. 

You can find this mascara here at for $25.

Have you tried any of these mascaras? Let me know in the comments section! 

Thanks for reading!

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