Wei Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask Review

It's no secret: I have tried a lot of mud masks. I love masks of all types that address a variety of skin concerns, but mud masks have that special something that always draws me to them. Whenever I apply them, I always think of the many movies and TV programs that have shown teenagers and women alike applying a generous layer of some green mud masks and placing cucumbers over their eyes at inopportune moments. Even though I may have to look like a monster for 15-20 minutes while I let them work their magic on my skin, mud masks always give me the most visible and immediate results: brightness, clarity, and an even tone void of the usual redness that I have in my cheeks.

The mask that I'm writing about today, Wei's Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask, while relatively expensive, is a mild mask to start with if you've never tried any previously. 

 The mask comes with 8 pods of product, which can easily be resealed with saran wrap to save for multiple uses. It also comes with a very soft-bristled brush that the mask is meant to be applied with.

Looking at the number of uses you get from the product (which is presumably 8) and the price ($42), you might say that this mask in particular is not worth splashing out for. On the contrary, I still have the first pod of product that I opened in my bathroom cabinet, and it is going strong after close to 10 uses. Unless I am the queen of rationing, I bet that you could get at least 2-3 uses out of it, if not more. Also, I opened this product about a month ago. It has not dried out over that period of time (I wrapped it up in a big piece of saran wrap), it has the same scent, and it works just as well as when I first opened it. Basically, despite the unique packaging and method of application, this mask functions and lasts just as long as any other mask that I have ever used. 

This product feels like such a treat when I apply it with the brush that's lying in the background. The best part? This brush is included, and once you're done with the mask, you can clean it off and use it as a foundation or concealer brush. Score! 

With all practical matters out of the way, now we can get to discussing all of the fun stuff! Despite what the color of this mask would suggest, the smell of it is not unpleasant. While it is an herbal and slightly earthy smell, it's not like taking a large whiff of something that you just pulled out of the ground. Like everything else about this product, the smell reminds me of a spa. The texture of this product is extremely creamy, and it spreads easily, making application simple. This is one of those rare mud masks that doesn't dry out my skin at all, and leaves it soft, shine free, clean, and balanced. I think that this would be a good mask to start with because it's mild enough for all skin types, but it ticks all the boxes that you expect a mud mask to. Some people with drier skin types may find that using this mask 1-2 times a week is all they need to get their spots to clear up and their skin tone to even out, and others with combination to oily skin may find that they need something more potent. Either way, this is a good middle ground that will help you to judge what kind of products your skin responds to, without running the risk of having an allergic reaction or ruining your skin's balance by starting with something too harsh and drying. I highly recommend it! 

If you're interested in this product, you can find it here for $42 at 
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