My Favorite Lip Care Products

Whether it's the dead of winter or the height of the summer, I always have fairly dry lips. At some point in recent years, Chapstick alone has just stopped cutting it. That's when I decided to find some products that I didn't need to constantly reapply for my lips to feel moisturized properly. Exfoliating with Lush's Mint Julips Lip Scrub and moisturizing with Dior's Creme de Rose Lip Balm nightly has helped me keep flakiness at bay. I also find that I need a good lip balm in the morning and throughout the day as well, and for that I've been reaching for a recent purchase, Fresh's Sugar Lip Treatment. If you want to read more about the individual products, then read on!

In the above photo, apart from its clever name, Lush's Mint Julips Lip Scrub looks like a pretty standard sugar scrub that could be made in your kitchen at home. What you can't tell from the photo, unfortunately, is how darn good this sugar lip scrub smells and tastes! Out of all of the flavors of Lush Lip Scrubs that I've owned in the past (Popcorn, Bubblegum, and Sweet Lips), Mint Julips is definitely my personal favorite. It tastes of peppermint and vanilla, but I'm not sure that I've pinpointed all of the ingredients in this LUSH-cious scrub (yes, pun intended). Because of the mysterious ingredients on the label under the name 'flavor' that exist in this lip scrub, I don't believe I could make it taste and smell exactly the way that Lush does. With that said, I could probably make my own sugar lip scrub function the same way, as the exfoliating particles in this scrub are just finely ground pieces of sugar.

If you're trying to save some money, skips this lip scrub and make your own at home. If you've tried that before and aren't satisfied with its flavor or function, or you're just on the hunt for a new lip scrub and willing to pay around $10, then this would be my first recommendation to you.
You can buy this scrub here on the Lush website for $9.95.

Since we're speaking of yummy lip products already, why not introduce my favorite rose scented lip balm? This little gem from Dior is a perfect example of good things coming in small packages. To keep things short and sweet, this lip balm is the only thing that's able to sort out my lips, whatever the cause of the dryness is. This is the lip balm that ended my search for a lip product that would truly hydrate my lips, not just give them a film of surface moisture that would fail to relieve dryness and chapping. I can't go without this at night!

If all else fails to prove that I love this product, then the huge dent in it does!

At $27, this might be the most expensive lip balm you'll ever buy (it certainly was for me!). It seems like an exorbitant price tag when Carmex costs a fraction of the price and works just fine, but if nothing else is working to quench your parched lips, give this one a try. If it's not the miracle worker you were hoping for, you can always return it! If you're interested, this lip balm is available here at

My favorite lip treatment for daytime. More sanitary than a potted lip balm for daytime use, hydrating, sun protecting, and beautiful looking/smelling/tasting all in one!

Rounding out my lip care routine is Fresh's Sugar Lip Treatment in Berry. I use this product before heading out the door in the morning because it has SPF 15 and gives off a berry tint and a bit of a sheen. This is perfect for top ups during the day, too, as this twist up tube is more sanitary than a product that requires you to dip dirty fingers into a pot to apply. It's not essential to have two lip balms, but as you can see, these lip balms do function in very different ways.

If you're interested in purchasing this lip treatment, you can purchase it here at for $22.50. 

And there you have it! That is my lip care routine in a nutshell.
I hope you enjoyed, and thank you for reading! Let me know what your favorite lip care products are in the comments section.

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