Ren Hydra-Calm Cleansing Milk Review

I love cleansing balms, but when I need to get ready for school in ten minutes or less, breaking out a washcloth and giving my face a thorough massage isn't an option. Some quick cleansing choices, such as foaming, gel, and clay formulas clean my skin too thoroughly when used on an everyday basis. For me, the perfect type of cleanser strikes a balance by cleaning effectively but not stripping my skin or leaving it too dry. One of the formulas that I've found works for me in this way is a cleansing milk, and a firm favorite of mine in that category has been Ren's Hydra-Calm Cleansing Milk.

I hope that you can get a decent look at the texture of this cleanser from the photo above. If you can't, this stuff is basically just a white cream, akin to the texture of a moisturizer, that you get a large pump of and apply onto dry skin. After I've rubbed that in quite a bit, I like to take some warm water on my hands and smooth it onto my face to really emulsify the product and remove any stubborn eye makeup or sebum and dirt. I either take a washcloth with warm water on it and buff away the product, or just rinse it away with warm water, depending on whether I've decided to use it in the morning or evening and how much exfoliation my skin's been getting. The product, makeup, and any dirt and residue will all be removed if you just decide to splash your face with warm water, but sometimes I like my skin to feel extra pampered after a cleanse, and gently wiping the product away with a washcloth does that for me.

Wei Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask Review

It's no secret: I have tried a lot of mud masks. I love masks of all types that address a variety of skin concerns, but mud masks have that special something that always draws me to them. Whenever I apply them, I always think of the many movies and TV programs that have shown teenagers and women alike applying a generous layer of some green mud masks and placing cucumbers over their eyes at inopportune moments. Even though I may have to look like a monster for 15-20 minutes while I let them work their magic on my skin, mud masks always give me the most visible and immediate results: brightness, clarity, and an even tone void of the usual redness that I have in my cheeks.

The mask that I'm writing about today, Wei's Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask, while relatively expensive, is a mild mask to start with if you've never tried any previously. 

My Favorite Lip Care Products

Whether it's the dead of winter or the height of the summer, I always have fairly dry lips. At some point in recent years, Chapstick alone has just stopped cutting it. That's when I decided to find some products that I didn't need to constantly reapply for my lips to feel moisturized properly. Exfoliating with Lush's Mint Julips Lip Scrub and moisturizing with Dior's Creme de Rose Lip Balm nightly has helped me keep flakiness at bay. I also find that I need a good lip balm in the morning and throughout the day as well, and for that I've been reaching for a recent purchase, Fresh's Sugar Lip Treatment. If you want to read more about the individual products, then read on!