Omorovicza Balancing Moisturizer Review

This week I have caught two bugs for myself: the Omorovicza virus via the Internet and a particularly pesky stomach bug that originated at my school. Nice, right? Both are pain inducing in their own special ways. The steep prices Omorovicza charges for their skincare items give me a longing ache in my heart, and the stomach bug gives me troubles in... well, you know where. There's no cure for either, so here at my computer I sit, weathering the storms in my heart and, again, you know where.

Because I have had some extra time whilst being unable to attend school, I thought that I would pen this post about the moisturizer that comes with Omorovicza's travel set.

As soon as I slapped this luxurious moisturizer on my face, I knew it would quickly become a favorite for day and nighttime use. Just like every product Omorovicza makes, it has a beautiful herbal scent with subtle hints of orange. The texture is very light which led me to believe that the formula wouldn't be moisturizing enough for my slightly dry skin. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is the perfect amount of moisture for my skin, and would certainly provide enough hydration to function as a nighttime moisturizer when coupled with hydrating treatments and serums. In short, this is a gorgeous moisturizer that makes my face feel wonderful and pampers me whenever I put it on.

Regretfully, I cannot bring myself to purchase the full size, which costs a whopping $135, even if it is a great moisturizer. I feel that money is better invested in serums and treatments which generally give a better result because they penetrate the skin deeper down. My inability/unwillingness to purchase it at this point in time has translated into me rationing this product and giving it 'special occasion only' status, which means I really do love it to want to keep it around!

If you have the extra cash to spend and are looking for a good multipurpose moisturizer with exquisite packaging, then this is one that I highly recommend.

Omorovicza's Balancing Moisturizer is available from Nordstrom here for $135.
(Cheat the system! Try out some of Omorvicza's products in this $95 travel set from Sephora. It works out to a much better value than buying all of these products separately!)

Have you tried this product? What are your own moisturizer recommendations? 
Let me know in the comments section below!

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