Diorsnow BB Eye Creme SPF 20 Review

Through writing reviews about the products I love, I've noticed a very prominent theme in my makeup and skincare purchasing habits. I tend to try out products that my favorite YouTube beauty gurus have tested and given two thumbs up. I purchased what I strongly believe is the under eye concealer to rule them all because it was highly recommended by my favorite Canadian beauty guru, whose username on YouTube is essiebutton.

Two things that were mentioned in essiebutton's review of this product that were true of my experience are: a) there's something about this product that just brightens up the eye area, and even the whole face and b) I'm always excited to whip out this product when I get the chance and use it. I don't know exactly what is in this product that brightens up my face so much and in turn makes me reach for it again and again, but I'm glad Dior created the product with this formula, because I think it's perfect. The coverage this concealer gives might be a little too light on its own for someone who has very dark or puffy circles under their eyes, but for me, the coverage is nearly ideal. If I really want a flawless look, I'll layer an illuminating concealer over it in the inner corners of my eyes and set it with a little powder. On an every day basis, this strikes the perfect balance between being light enough to sit comfortably on the under eye area and thick enough to cover my pesky dark circles.

The one and only downside to this product is that the shade range is extremely limited. I believe that two shades were released (010 and 020), but 020 is the only shade that is available on the Nordstrom website and at Dior counters in Nordstrom. The darker shade might be too dark for the fairest of skin tones and 020 will be too light for medium deep and dark skin tones. This will probably work well for someone who is tan or has an olive skin tone because it will act as an illuminating concealer because of the slight difference in the color of the concealer and these two skin tones.

If one of these two shades is a match, then I believe it is well worth the hefty $49 price tag.

The Dior Diorsnow BB Eye Creme SPF 20 is available here on the Nordstrom website.

Have you tried out this product or are you interested in trying it? Let me know in the comments section! 
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