Mac Lipstick Haul, Swatches, and Mini Review


First of all, I'd like to thank anyone who happens upon this blog. It's getting a little lonely around here!

Second of all, because this is my first blog post, I think an introduction is necessary. My name is Victoria, I'm a rising sophomore in high school who is about to turn 15, and I am a makeup enthusiast.

Now, onto the haul!

The first lipstick I decided to pick up is Rebel, which is a satin. It's somewhat similar to Captive, which I already own and wear constantly, but Rebel has more of a pink undertone. I'm sure that I'll get much more use out of it when the weather cools off, as it's more of a fall and winter color. I obviously couldn't wait till then to pick it up, though!

The second lipstick I bought is Lady Danger, which is a matte. It's a beautiful red color that reads very orange on my skin tone. I was debating between this color and Ruby Woo, but since I am very loyal to my favorite classic red (the Tarte Amazonian Clay Lipstick in Fierce), I decided that Ruby Woo would only disappoint and went for the arguably more unique shade.

The third lipstick I grabbed is also a matte finish and is called Candy Yum Yum. This shade needs no introduction because of its undeniable cult following on YouTube and in the beauty blogging world. If you want to venture out of your comfort zone and are looking for a blazing hot pink, this is your color. For the record, it is just as neon and bright as everyone says it is. I could also see how this color would be drying to the lips throughout the day. Although it is comfortable to wear, Mac has much more moisturizing finishes, such as their line of Sheen Supreme lipsticks.

The last lipstick I'm going to share with you is my favorite of the bunch. It's a Sheen Supreme lipstick in the shade Korean Candy. Although this color looked unremarkable to me in the tube and even when swiped across my hand, it has a remarkable iridescent, light catching quality that few lip gloss and lipstick combinations can create. It's extremely comfortable and light on the lips, which is a quality that is perfect for summer. I can't comment on the wear of any of these lipsticks, but just because of the feeling on the lips and the gorgeous color and shine, Korean Candy is sure to become my go-to lipstick for the rest of the summer.

The last item I picked up at Mac is a lip liner in the shade Cherry to pair with Lady Danger and my other red lipsticks and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics lip tars. It's a nice blue-based red tone that's sure to play nice with a lot of different lip products layered over it. It's such an opaque color that it would work well with either a red, pink, or even a clear lip gloss layered over top of it. This is another nice option for the hotter days that are up ahead in August as lip liners in my experience are pretty long-wearing.

I also got to shop vicariously through my two friends who bought their first Mac products on this shopping trip. One of my friends got a makeover and left the store with two eye shadows in Honey Lust and Sushi Flower. My other friend got an eyeliner in the shade Teddy. Is it just me, or is it extremely fun to be part of a friend or family member's conversion to Mac products?
Once you go Mac, you never go back.

Enjoy the rest of your week, and thank you for reading!

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