Caudalie Gentle Cleanser Review + My Skincare Journey Thus Far

Hello there!

I haven't found the motivation from within to begin posting on my blog consistently, so new posts will probably be showing up sporadically for the next couple of weeks until school starts. My life (and hopefully, this blog) will take on a more regular schedule then.

I don't think that I can do any type of skincare post without sharing a story about my extremely sensitive skin and my most recent round of trial and error in hopes of getting it under control.

The cause of my skin's most recent irritation was the high lavender content in a cleanser I had been trying from Michael Todd True Organics. I had been using the Honey and Oat Gentle Cleanser, which is presented as being suitable for sensitive skin. While lavender may have some benefits if you have problems with acne, it is also a known skin irritant. Gossmakeupartist, a popular YouTuber and professional makeup artist, made a video about the harmful effects of lavender when it is used in products meant for use on the face. If you'd like more information about lavender, you can check out his video here (he begins talking about lavender and spearmint, another essential oil that damages the skin, at about 1:19). Anyway, I wasn't too upset that I had to take this particular product out of my routine as it didn't blow me away quite like the product I'm reviewing today: the Gentle Cleanser from Caudalie.

Mac Lipstick Haul, Swatches, and Mini Review


First of all, I'd like to thank anyone who happens upon this blog. It's getting a little lonely around here!

Second of all, because this is my first blog post, I think an introduction is necessary. My name is Victoria, I'm a rising sophomore in high school who is about to turn 15, and I am a makeup enthusiast.

Now, onto the haul!